Trending Long is an algorithmic trading application. The application has been built to simplify assisted/automated trading for both beginners and professionals alike. The words of wisdom, "slow and steady wins the race," are utilized as the foundation of this enterprise.

MICRO: The Micro algorithm is a momentum strategy. The algorithm will analyze the behavior of the market and trade in that favor. The Micro configurations are relative to the momentum of the market, the lower the setting, the less momentum required for entry and vice versa.

MACRO: The Macro algorithm is a simple yet complex time and trend strategy. The algorithm will analyze a set amount of time to make entries. If a trend is detected in this amount of time, it will consider entry.

The effectiveness of Trending Long's algorithms has been proven. By allowing two unique strategies to analyze the market at the same time, risk management is maintained and the opportunity for entry is in abundance. The goal of Trending Long is to set new standards and revolutionize the market.