Terms of Service

Effective Date: 1/23/2024

Last Updated: 1/23/2024

This is the Trending Long Terms of Service. These terms will explain: TRENDING LONG LLC("Trending Long") and the services provided by Trending Long; the terms that you must agree to in order to use Trending Long's services; and the rights reserved by Trending Long to enforce these terms. Your use of any service provided by Trending Long requires you to agree to these terms. With your agreement, these terms serve as a legally binding contract between you and Trending Long.

Trending Long

Trending Long is a limited liability company that provides software as a service. Trending Long does not offer brokerage or exchange services. Trending Long does not provide investment advice, exchange sercurities, or execute trades on behalf of Trending Long clientele.

Services Provided

trendinglong.com - Trending Long's Website("The Website")

TRENDINGLONG - Trending Long's Software("The Software")

The Website

When you access The Website, you agree to the Trending Long Privacy Policy and the following terms: You agree to not perform any illegal activities; You agree to not disrupt or attempt to disrupt any service provided by Trending Long; You agree to not send emails via the contact page in an attempt to damage or disrupt Trending Long; You agree to not edit any code in an attempt to damage or disrupt Trending Long.

The Software

The Software is an algorithmic trading service. You must agree to follow any laws for trading securities required by your area of residency in order to use The Software. You must also agree to the Trending Long End User License Agreement and the Trending Long Privacy Policy before download and use of The Software.

Early Access

The Software is in early access. You may encounter problems that limit your ability to use The Software. If you want to report an issue, you may do so through the contact page.

Privacy Policy

The Trending Long Privacy Policy.


The Trending Long End User License Agreement.


In order to use The Software, you must have an account with Trending Long. You may create an account through the signup process of The Software. You agree to not use the account of another party. If you attempt to access another party's account, you may be issued a termination of the licenses provided by your agreement to these terms and the End User License Agreement.


The payment system has been designed for the convenience of you and Trending Long. You agree to be billed $1.33 per $10 of gain recorded by The Software. Once $10 of gain is obtained on the account, The Software will bill you $1.33 per $10 of gain. After payment, any remaining gain is recorded and associated with the account. The remaining gain will be added to the gain of the next payment. You agree and recognize that records from The Software may differ from the records of another party.


In order to use The Software, you must agree to pay the recurring monthly subscription of $5. If you want to cancel your subscription, you may do so with the cancel subscription process of The Software. If you are unable to use the cancel subscription process, you may contact Trending Long to request cancellation of the subscription at this email address: support@trendinglong.com


No Refunds. Trending Long does not offer any money-back guarantees. You recognize and agree that you shall not be entitled to a refund.


Trending Long's services are protected by copyright law, excluding the API implementation in Trending Long's services.


In the event that any provision of these terms are determined to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, such provision shall nonetheless be enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and the unenforceable portion shall be deemed to be severed from these terms, such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other remaining provisions.


Trending Long may terminate the license granted to you with your agreement to these terms at any time, with or without cause.


If you have any questions concerning these terms, you may contact Trending Long at this email address: legal@trendinglong.com


Trending Long reserves the right to make changes to these terms at any time. Trending Long will provide notice at trendinglong.com/legal/ when changes are made to these terms.